Karen Desmond is Associate Professor of Music at Brandeis University. Desmond was a Visiting Assistant Professor at Harvard in the Spring of 2018, and a Visiting Fellow at Clare Hall and Visiting Scholar at the Faculty of Music, University of Cambridge in the Spring of 2019. She has also taught and/or held research fellowships at University College Cork, the University of Cologne, and McGill University. Her monograph Music and the moderni, 1300-1350: The ars nova in Theory and Practice (Cambridge University Press, 2018) challenges prevailing accounts of the ars nova, and was the recipient of the The Lewis Lockwood Award from the American Musicological Society. External awards include an NEH Research Fellowship (2014), an SSHRC Banting Fellowship (2014-16), and an NEH Digital Humanities Advancement Grant (2019-20). She has begun writing her second monograph, tentatively titled Breaking and Remaking: Polyphonic Liturgical Music at Medieval Worcester in Context. Other book projects include her translation of Lambert’s Ars musica, edited by Christian Meyer (Ashgate, 2015) and The Montpellier Codex: The final fascicle, a collection of essays co-edited with Catherine Bradley (The Boydell Press, 2018). Desmond has published articles in the premier journals of her field including Early MusicEarly Music History, Journal of Musicology, Musica disciplina, and Plainsong and Medieval Music, and was co-editor for two journal special issues: one on the fourteenth-century composer, Philippe de Vitry (in Early Music), and one on the fourteenth-century astronomer and music theorist, Jean des Murs (in Erudition and the Republic of Letters). Online work includes a website of late medieval motets digitally encoded in mensural notation (http://www.measuringpolyphony.org) and a digital edition of an ars nova treatise (http://www.arsmusicae.org) . She has recently been appointed chair of the American Musicological Society’s Board Committee on Technology for a three-year term, and serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Musicology.